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A recliner as the name suggests is a chair that can be reclined. It’s popular due to the relaxation, comfort, and support it provides after a tough day at work. Nowadays, recliners have become a centerpiece of many living rooms including in some offices. 

If you are a new buyer, finding the right reclining chair can be a little tough but this shouldn’t be the case. All you need to know is that there are different types of reclining chairs available in the market and each type has its own reclining style.

Other things you need to consider are the amount of space available in your home and the sole purpose of the recliner. For instance, you should be mindful of who will be using the chair and for how long. Below are some types of recliners you will find in the market.  

The rocker recliners 

This type of recliner usually has several reclining angle options that allow you to be comfortable in any position you like. Rocker recliner chairs have been designed with a rock function that features a rhythmic motion to help users relax and feel comfortable.

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When the chair is in its upright position, you will experience the rocking sensation. You can then set up the chair into different positions to benefit from the reclining angles. Rocker recliner chairs are more affordable and they are best suited near walls since they take up less space. They are a favorite for an adult with a kid and nursing mothers.

Riser recliner 

Riser recliner chairs are generally equipped with a motor to help them recline and lift upwards. They are very versatile chairs but they are highly-priced in stores. Riser chairs are perfect for the elderly or people with injuries or disabilities who have difficulties in sitting and standing.

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The motor used in riser chairs has to be plugged into a socket and it usually has a transformer to lower the voltage. Riser reclining chairs take up more space and they’re common in living rooms.

Generally, Riser reclining chairs are made with either one or two motors. Riser chairs with a single motor uses just one motor to recline and lift the chair. These chairs often have a remote or a control pad containing two buttons to help you operate them.

Their maximum reclining angle is forty-five degrees. You’ll find out that some chairs with one motor are designed such that as the back of the chair reclines, the seat base slides forward.

On the other hand, riser recliners with dual motors function this way; one motor moves the back of the chair while the other controls the footrest. The remotes or control pads for dual-motor chairs generally have at least four buttons. Two for operating each motor. 

Push back recliner 

Push back chairs don’t have cords or levers. They are ideal for those who like simplicity. All you need to recline the chair is to exert pressure on the back as desired just like an airplane seat.

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Another thing you should know about push back recliners is that they don’t have a built-in footrest. The only part that moves in these chairs is the back and this also means they take up less space in a room.

They are ideal for small houses with limited space. Since push back recliners lack a footrest, feel free to pair with an ottoman if footrest is a necessity for you.

Wall hugger recliner 

If you are living in a small house that doesn’t have a lot of space, a wall hugger recliner will sort you out. These chairs are great and comfortable to sit on just like other regular recliners.

Wall hugger recliner in a room

They sit up straighter and require up to six inches between the whole chair and the wall. Therefore, you can place it close to the wall and still recline backwards due to its forward movement capability.

A wall hugger recliner usually moves forward and its parts do not slide backwards. Besides, you can easily adjust them to accommodate guests with limited mobility.

There are different types of wall hugger chairs available in the market such as two set wall hugger recliner, zero wall recliner, and remote controlled wall hugger among others. If you are a new buyer, it’s advisable to do some research so that you choose the best that suits your needs.  

Two-position recliner 

This type of chair usually offers two positions; an upright position or a fully reclined position. Also, it has a footrest that helps you balance your weight on the recliner chair.

To recline, you just need to release the footrest with a lever. Two position recliners are usually cheap due to their limited functionality and they even require a lot of space especially when completely reclined. This type of chair is best suited in rooms with adequate space.

Power recliner 

As the name suggests, powered recliners are controlled with remotes attached to them. They resemble a traditional recliner but the difference is that you just use a power button to recline the chair to the angle desired.

Some of these recliners have extra features such as heat and massaging options and USB outlets to maximize your comfort. Many homeowners place them in bedrooms or living rooms since they are ideal for relieving aches.  

Nonetheless, power recliners are ideal for those with limited mobility and need the help of a motorized chair to get comfortable. They are great for older people or those suffering from knee problems since the chair will help them to easily get up. They come in a variety of materials and colors to suit everyone’s needs.

Lift recliners 

A lift recliner is a special chair that is known to recline as well as helping the user get off the chair. It is commonly used by the elderly and individuals who struggle to get off the recliner.

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Lift recliners are designed with a forward motion mechanism that guides the user into a standing position from a sitting position. Physicians often recommend lift recliners for those with weak hips, legs, knees, and post-surgery patients.   

Lift recliners are made with durable materials and are controlled with powerful motors. They are available in various strengths and sizes and anyone can use them irrespective of their body type.

Swivel recliners 

Swivel recliner chairs are made with a circular base that allows you to turn 360 degrees without getting out of the chair. Also, the back of these chairs can recline backwards.

The swivel recliner type is most common in offices and you should keep in mind that any recliner can be upgraded with the swivel mechanism. In most cases, you find the rocker and swivel features in the same recliner chair.

Glider recliners 

Glider recliners  in the room

This type of recliner is similar to a rocker recliner but there is one main difference. A glider reclining chair slides forward and backward on a linear path while a rocker recliner slides along an arched path.  

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