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Best Massage Chair Reviews 2020

The crown jewel of any living room, buying the best massage chair can make you an instant family favorite while a less than ideal choice can be a frustrating experience. 

These beautiful monsters are big ticket items and the best massage chair models offer tremendous health benefits – you don’t wanna miss out on some features - so doing some research before you buy a massage chair is recommended.

Lucky for you, we have set out to test and research a wide selection of models in an effort to produce the best massage chair buying guide there is. Keep on reading and let our experts help you to pick the right massage chair for your needs while avoiding the models best left in the store.

*We select and review all products independently, based on our opinion and customer feedback. Some links on this page are affiliate links and if you make a purchase we may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. You can read more info on our disclaimer page.

For those of you in a hurry and thinking “Just tell me which massage chair is the best!” – Here are our top choices:

Best For The Money

RelaxOnChair MK II Plus

  • Great features for the price
  • Verified by many reviews
  • Upgraded version

Best Overall

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4 Massage Chair

  • Superior design and quality
  • Backed by a medical team
  • Advanced Features

Best Budget

Real Relax Favor 03

  • Very attractive price
  • Zero gravity feature
  • Rated high by hundreds of reviewers 

Still reading? A wise choice as we are about to get into the details, features, pros and cons of the 7 most popular massage chair models available today. We also name our winners based on different criteria such as price or specific features.

Finally, our massage chair buying guide leaves no stone unturned and helps you make the most educated purchase decision. (1) Click the table of contents to go to the section you are most interested in.

Massage Chair Comparison - The Best Full Body Massage Chairs Reviewed

Medical Breakthrough 6 v4

Medical Breakthrough had really raised the bar when it comes to cutting-edge massage chair design. Rebuilt from the ground up by a team of doctors and chiropractors to not only provide the most comfortable massage experience at home but also featuring their unique Advanced Medical Care Systems.

Starting with a medical body scan, the massage chair automatically positions its rollers to suit each person. You can then choose from an exclusive range of massage therapy auto programs such as Japanese Shiatsu Massage, Indonesian Deep Tissue Massage, Greek Stress Relief, New Delhi Yoga Stretching and Hawaiian Sleep Massage and more.

Advanced features such as 3D L-Track rollers for providing a deep tissue kneading massage, zero gravity position to help even distribution of the body weight for extended comfort, fully adjustable airbags and footrest and heated massage are all standard for the Medical Breakthrough 6 massage chair.

Comfort is not everything though. The whole brand was created to provide options for people having difficulty exercising due to age or other factors.

Combined with the sleek, modern design, advanced settings, impeccable craftmanship, and customer feedback, we declare this model as the king of massage chairs on the market today.

Users of the Medical Breakthrough 6 massage chair are raving about the comfort and pain relief this model provides.

Reviewers speak highly of the way the rollers reach every part of your body, highlighting effective neck, shoulders and foot massages. One reviewer mentioned that regular use of this massage chair has improved his mobility and has improved his back and foot pain significantly.

The space saving technology, well designed remote control and outstanding customer service were some of the other points raised in reviews.

Kahuna Hubot HM-078

The Hubot HM-078 is a fully redesigned high-end massage chair from Kahuna. Not only is it sleek and beautiful with a superb finish, it also comes with a whole range of innovative features.

The first upgrade is the all new HSL-Track system which is an improved version of the already advanced SL-Track. With an added ergonomic curve in the lower back area it provides a longer range for the track for added reach.

Next is the KSM-08M-225L massage system which uses elastic massage balls instead of the traditional massage rollers. Combined with the 107 air cells, Kahuna promises a new level of massage experience in this chair where every inch of your body gets its share of care. And if it wasn’t enough, the also new Rhythmic Kahuna air-cell technology increases the blood flow and oxygen levels in your muscles for additional benefits.

The built-in heating therapy – which only covers the lower back area in most regular massage chairs – is extended to the upper back as well as to the legs and feet too. Did we mention this massage chair comes with innovative features?

At this point you should not be surprised to see a 3D zero gravity recline option, premium bluetooth speakers which can be controlled via Apple or Android app, and a comprehensive range of 15 massage programs and advanced settings to choose from.

We were really impressed by this massage chair and the online reviews are rave from other customers too. It gets plus points for ease of assembly, for easily accommodating both smaller and larger persons, and overall quality of the massage it provides. The unique, full body heating system is also a big differentiating factor from other massage chair models on the market.

If you are looking to own a truly top-of-the line massage chair that provides an outstanding massage experience you will not be disappointed with the Kahuna Hubot.

Kahuna Superior SM 7300

With the SM 7300 model, Kahuna set out to create the ruler of the upper mid-range massage chair category. Featuring an upgraded SL-Track massage system with 6 rollers, a revised remote controller addressing some of the issues with the earlier versions and a stylish design with glowing LED lighting it looks and performs like some of the much pricier massage chairs on the market.

The completely renewed types of 5 auto and 4 special auto massage programs include traditional crowd favorites like Yoga Stretching, Relaxation and Pain Relief Massage as well as newcomers such as Office Person, Golfer, Dynamic Sport Massage and Senior Mode.

Other features of the massage chair include space saving design, zero gravity recline position and an upgraded foot massage section with 3 different techniques – scraping, rolling and kneading – for maximum effectiveness.

With the extra wide seating and shoulder area and the 12 inches leg extension the SM 7300 caters to larger persons of up to 6/5 feet and 320lbs as well.

Just as with other Kahuna massage chair models, pain relief, comfort and ease of assembly are among the highest rated features of the SM 7300.

 Users prize the number of program settings this massage chair comes with – several special mentions for the advanced yoga and golfer settings.

A customer with experience from older models happily noted that they have addressed earlier issues with the foot massage section and the remote. The 6 rollers compared to 4 rollers on other models seem to make a very noticeable difference for reviewers too.

The lack of a dedicated massage programs for neck and shoulders only as well as the limited reach of the rollers on the hamstrings has been mentioned as small cons.

Overall, buyers of this massaging chair are happy with their purchase and say that they have made a good decision when selecting the Kahuna SM 7300.

Osaki OS 4000T

Osaki is one of the most established massage chair manufacturers and the OS 4000T is their newest upgrade of the popular Osaki OS-4000 mid-range chair. Available in cream, charcoal and black color, you can find a version that suits your living room. The attention to detail Osaki as poured into this massage chair is obvious at first sight. With the total of 38 built-in airbags, this massage chair was designed for the best fit possible for every user.

Featuring the latest computer body scan technology, your session begins with the massage chair auto-adjusting to your body. This enables the rollers to follow your curves with precise movement.

The 6 different massage programs offer popular choices such as Thai Massage, Anti-stress, Stretching and Muscle Relief. 5 levels of speed and intensity settings ensure that everyone can find their favorite pace.

Features include an oversized wireless remote control panel that lets you choose intensity and other settings, a heated lower back area and zero gravity positions. A built-in auto timer lets you recline and relax in your massage chair.

The wide range of options available on the remote seems to be a crowd favorite. The massage chair lives up to the expectations of highly personalized massages made possible by the combination of body scanning and the number of airbags.

Users note that the pressure provided by the airbags is strong on the OS 4000T which can be slightly uncomfortable for some but a welcome function after a tiring day for others. We suggest taking the time to find the combination that is just right for you.

The use of the unique foot roller in an elevated position was one of our favorite programs. Some massage chair users mentioned the lack of a clear installation manual, but you can find some good Youtube videos to follow if you get stuck.

Best Massage Chair For The Money

RelaxOnChair MK-II Plus

The redesigned and upgraded version of the MK-II model, the MK-II Plus massage chair offers a lot of features for its price. The improved L-Track system guides the dual rollers along the curve of your spine for a full body massage designed specifically to ease lower back pain. The computerized body sensors adjust the rollers to suite each individual user. With a space-saving design, the MK-II Plus massage chair fits most room without taking up unnecessary space.

The full size, one handed controller lets you choose between 4 automatic massage programs and 5 additional manual massage modes including Kneading, Tapping, Kneading + tapping, Shiatsu and Rolling. The 3-stage zero gravity function is designed to optimize blood flow throughout your body by bringing your feet to the same level as your heart.

Additional features of this massaging chair include lower back heating, a timer, a calf and foot massager and deep tissue massage. RELAXONCHAIR has made it a priority to design this model for ease of assembly and maintenance – a common concern for many massage chair buyers.

Users are generally satisfied with the value this model provides for the money. Several has mentioned the easy of assembly although – as expected for a full body massage chair – it does take 2 persons to carry the chair around. What’s more, their customer service has received high marks for handling any issues smoothly.

Many buyers had great experience with the MK-II relieving their pain, the lower back and spine has been mentioned several times. People seem to be satisfied with the comfort of the massage chair and the customizability options.

Some smaller issues include the dim display of the controller and some users have also find the power of the airbags less than other massage chair models. Overall, this is one of the most reviewed models on the market today and the general consensus is that the MK-II Plus is well worth its price.

Best Luxury Massage Chair

Kahuna SM 9000 

If you are after a top of the line massage chair that offers the latest tech you need to consider the Kahuna SM 9000. The first thing you will notice is that this massage chair was not made for small living rooms. Comfort has its price and that is the space this technological marvel will take up. But it pays high dividends with its unique features and can also accommodate users up to 320lbs and 6 feet 5 inches.

It has all the features you find in other high-end massage chairs such as space saving design, zero G position, heated lumbar area and the latest SL-Track roller system. But there is more! A common complaint for massage chairs is that the only heated area is the lower back section.

The SM 9000 chair has 6 rollers that are equipped with infrared heating, adding a whole new dimension to stimulating muscle tissues. Infrared therapy is getting a lot of press lately as numerous medical tests confirm the advantageous effects it has to the body. Well, now you have it built into your massage chair!

The other major focus during the design of the SM 9000 chair was to ensure maximum comfort during a massage session. The new AIR FLOAT 3D system combined with the silent mechanism and the soft LED lights lets you enjoy your massage session in a relaxing ambiance.

The available massage settings include Kneading, Knocking, Kneading + Knocking, Tapping and Shiatsu. Auto massage programs are offered for several purposes such as Pain relief, Yoga, Stretching, Calming and Recovery. There is even an option to sync the rollers with your choice of music which can certainly lead to some interesting experiments.

Overall, the Kahuna SM 9000 massage chair – while not perfect – does live up to expectations. It can get you as close to a real human massage as an electric massage chair in your living room can – or in the case of the built-in infrared function – it can take you even further than a massage therapist.

Best Shiatsu Massage Chair

iDEAL Massage Shiatsu Chair

While not one of the major manufacturers, iDEAL has surely made its mark on the market. Their Shiatsu chair is one of the most popular massage chair models at the lower end of the mid-range category. Packed with many of the same features their higher priced competitors build into their massage chairs, this is one model to look at if you are on the hunt for a good deal for your money. The available colors are brown, beige and red.

The Shiatsu massage chair comes equipped with an S-Track system which guides 4 rollers designed to provide a quiet massage experience. The 3D intelligent detect feature adjusts the chair to its user and the true zero gravity position provides comfort. There are 4 auto programs: Shiatsu Massage, Spinal Rolling, Vibrating and Kneading. The manual mode allows you to adjust speed and massage intensity settings of both the airbags and the rollers.

There is a built-in function for back therapy, airbags are covering the shoulders, arms, the seating area as well as the foot and calves. There are also 6 kneading balls for the soles. There is a 3-year warranty on the massage chair for the steel frame, the body and all electronic parts.

The iDEAL Shiatsu massage chair seems to be the optimal compromise between price and features for the majority of buyers. While some customers note missing features, let’s be honest, this is the lower end of the mid-range and comparing this massage chair with others that cost several thousands more is not really fair. There is an even larger number of people who think this massage chair was an excellent buy and they have avoided buying other overpriced brands.

Looking into the details, the iDEAL chair scores high for ease of assembly, comfort, the spinal and sole massage functions as well as on customer service.

It falls short on the stretching, arm massage and shoulder massage functions so if these are one of your pain points you might want to consider a different massage chair model.

Overall, this is one of the best choices in its price category backed up by hundreds of satisfied massage chair buyers.

Best Affordable Massage Chair

Real Relax Favor 03

You don’t need to give up on owning a massage chair even if you have a limited budget. Real Relax has designed a crowd favorite with the Favor 03 and it comes with some options not even expected in this price range – such as the zero gravity feature.

Is does come in 2 boxes so there is some installation required before you can jump into the chair. It can be easily moved around on its back wheels and can even double up as a super comfortable recliner while not in use.

The first major difference from higher category massage chair models is the lack of a Track system. There are 8 fix massage points instead that are split between the back and neck area. This Real Relax massage chair is also equipped with foot rollers and 50 airbags covering virtually every area of your body. Be aware of this limitation if your problem areas are your legs as airbags cannot provide the kind of pressure rollers can.

There are 4 auto massage programs called Relaxing, Strong, Sleep and Mild. Manual control lets you adjust between 3 different levels of speed and intensity. A built-in timer, remote control with wire, lower back heating and adjustable footrest completes the list of features.

The Real Relax Favor 03 massage chair comes with a 3-year warranty and can accommodate users of up to 400 lbs of weight and 6 foot 1 inch of height.

Despite the lower price and the simpler options this massage chair gets very good overall feedback from customers. There are many praises for ease of assembly, comfort, value for money and pain relief.

As expected, there are multiple smaller complains about the massage chair not providing enough pressure on particular areas, but true full body coverage obviously requires a much more complex technology – for a much higher price.

Different Kinds of Massage Chairs

Let’s briefly talk about what kind of massage chairs are available on the marketplaces today. The article you are reading is reviewing the best full body massage chairs. We have a separate article on the highest-rated zero-gravity massage chairs as well as on the best portable massage chairs and the most comfortable recliners. Finally, we also have reviews on other massage products.

The Ultimate Massage Chair Buying Guide

Choosing which massage chair to purchase is not a trivial issue. In the following sections, we have answered many common questions related to massage chairs. We also went over recommended brands and all the features you should consider before deciding on which model is the best one for you to buy.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Massage Chair?

The use of a massage chair has many potential benefits. (1) We have a full article dedicated to explaining all the positive effects which you can read here.

For a summary of benefits, here is a short list:

  • Reducing stress by lowering the stress hormone cortisol and promoting the “happy” hormones of serotonin and endorphin.
  • Improves sleep by reducing muscle tension.
  • Helps muscle recovery by stretching and loosening muscle tissue.
  • Boosts your immune system by inserting a healthy amount of resistance on your body.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disorders
  • Improves your posture.

How Do Massage Chairs Work?

Massage chairs are designed to mimic the hand movements and other pressure techniques of a massage therapist. They achieve this with the combination of a complex gear structure, rollers and airbags which are controlled by a microprocessor and move according to preset programs or manual control. For a longer explanation of how massage chairs work read our full article here.

Which Is the Best Massage Chair Brand

We often get asked which is the best/most trusted massage chair brand. The answer is, of course, that it depends. It depends on your needs and your budget. There are several massage chair manufacturers that we can recommend but the top brand for you will be different if you have chronic back pain and a $2000 budget or if you are an avid golfer and just looking for the chair that would relax and stretch you the most after each session. With that in mind, here are some of the best massage chair companies for you to consider.

Medical Breakthrough

While one of the newer brands on the market, Medical Breakthrough has quickly established themselves as one of the leaders in the industry. This Valencia, California based company has not only been founded by a team of medical doctors and chiropractors, they have built up an unprecedented support team of doctors, technicians and institutions behind them.

After decades of chiropractic practice, they have set out to design the perfect massage chairs that not only provide massages but also beneficial for your spine and can even help healing your body.

a massage chair sitting in the luxury room

As the direct manufacturer of their massage chairs they oversee the entire process from design to delivery and were able to maintain superb standards throughout the process. They also make medical saunas and other health therapy products.

Apart from their Medical Breakthrough 6 model winning out overall top recommended spot – and their Series 4 massage chair featured in our best zero gravity massage chair list – they also manufacture one of the few FDA registered vending massage chairs. Suitable for the waiting room of any medical practitioner’s office, beauty salon or shopping mall this could be one of your top candidates if you are looking to monetize your space.


As one of the most recognized brands today, Kahuna is a manufacturer of massage chairs, foot massagers and cushions since 1997. The company is based in Cypress, California but the name - and the spirit – of the brand has Hawaiian origins.

Thanks largely to the huge popularity of their mid-range massage chair models – the Kahuna LM6800 and the SM 7300 - there are hundreds of reviews on the net from real customers and this serves as a solid base for our inclusion of Kahuna on the list of recommended brands.

It’s not an accident we have 4 of their massage chairs on our top lists. Their focus on producing high-quality unboxing and installation videos for their massage chairs – an area often neglected by manufacturers – seem to be paying off well for the company.

Apart from the 2 popular mid-range models mentioned already, our personal favorite is the Kahuna Hubot massage chair which has made it to the second place overall on our top list (read more about it further up this page).


As one of the pioneers of the massage chair industry, Daiwa has built up a reputation few brands can match. (1) From their design center in Gardena, California to their manufacturing facilities in China and their in-house service centers they oversee the full process of the production and aftercare of their massage chairs. The company does not employ third party repair personnel, they have their fully trained Daiwa technicians taking care of product maintenance.

a lady enjoying on her massage machine

Their Standard, Premium and Luxury series provide a wide selection in the mid and high-end market. They also offer vending models and inversion stretch massage chairs. Their standard warranty can be extended to the maximum of 5 years of labor and parts coverage.

One of their longest standing, trusted premium model on the market is the Daiwa Legacy 3D.


Osaki and Titan massage chairs are both manufactured by the same company, but they keep both brands on the market. (1) Based in Carrollton, Texas they offer a wide range of 60+ massage chair models as well as foot massagers and other fitness products.

Their primary focus is mid and top of the range items and even though their production is based in China their strict standards show in the quality of their massage chairs. Paired with a strong customer care team, Osaki has made it to our recommended list of brands.

Two interesting models from their range are the lower priced Titan Apex AP and the top of the line Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D chair packed with the latest tech.

Human Touch

Designing their massage chairs and other massage products from Long Beach, California for over 40 years, Human Touch is among the longest standing manufacturers today. They are constantly researching how they can improve their products and as a result, hold over 65 patents related to massage products.

a man laying on the red chair massage

Recognized by the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) one of their focus areas is how can they improve their customers health and everyday life. As such, their team works closely with the medical community and develop their products with the latest health research in mind.

Their wide selection ranges from the iJOY reclining massage chair on the low end to the Super Novo Virtual Therapist – the first massage chair developed to utilize Alexa – at the top of their range.


One of the few massage chair brands with a fully American design and manufacturing, Luraco is a high-tech player in the industry.

Based in Arlington, Texas, Luraco Technologies is focused on developing robotic systems, whirlpool jets and other advanced, sensor-based industrial and military applications.

Since their massage chairs are priced on the higher end of the spectrum, we don’t have that much feedback to base a firm opinion on but from what we seen these are well made products packed with the latest tech.

Their flagship model is the Luraco i7 iRobotics massage chair which is at the impressive 7th generation already, showing the company’s dedication to constant improvement.


Inada is a family-owned Japanese massage chair brand that has always focused on manufacturing the most exclusive, high-end massage chairs. For a long time, you could not find a best massage chair list without the Inada Sogno Dreamwave featured in it.

The Inada company has been in operation since 1962 and still have every one of their massage chairs designed and manufactured in Japan. This probably contributes to the fact that the Inada Sogno is an expensive massage chair that offers all the regular features such as an army of air bags, foot roller, zero gravity recline as well as special features like their unique scanning technology and Shiatsu program.

All About the Features

Space Saving Technology

Space saving design is meant to reduce the space needed between the massage chair and the wall behind it during operation.

A space saving chair will move forward much more than backwards while assuming zero gravity position, allowing you to place the chair closer to the wall than other massage chair models without this design element.

Zero Gravity

Zero gravity refers to a body position where the massage chair will recline and raise your legs to the same level or slightly above your heart.

This has been proven to aid relaxation during the massage session and evens out the blood flow throughout your body.

Body Scan Technology

Modern massage chairs employ a body scan technology at the beginning of the session in order to provide a truly personalized massage experience.

By using sensors and computing technology the massage chair is able to adjust itself according to your size, shape and natural curves of your body.

an illustration of zero gravity massage

Air Bags

Airbags are placed alongside your body parts throughout the massage chair. Their job is to provide pressure by inflating and deflating at various intensity levels during the massage session.

Their numbers can range from a few dozens to over 100 airbags per massage chair and they can work at the same time or independently based on the massage types they provide.

S Track, L Track, SL Track

The type of track a massage chair has determines the route the rollers can travel on. The L Track starts at the base of your head and goes all the way down your back reaching the glutes and the thighs.

The S Track follows the natural curve of your spine starting from your neck to the glutes. The SL Track is the combination of the previous 2, providing the fullest range the rollers can cover.

2D, 3D or 4D Rollers

Rollers are the “hands” of a massage chair applying pressure on various body parts. The difference is in the range of motion the rollers follow.

2D rollers move in 2 dimensions such as up and down and from side to side. 3D rollers add a third dimension by also moving in and out. 4D rollers do the same movement types but they vary their speed during the massage session adding an extra layer of variety.

Foot Rollers

In addition to the main rollers in the back area, some models also feature foot rollers. Since there are important pressure points in our soles, a foot roller system can be very effective in reducing tiredness in your feet after a long workday. Some chairs offer foot roller massage sessions on their own as well.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy is aimed to help prepare your muscles for the massage session by warming and loosening them. Most massage chairs have heaters built into the lower back area but some higher-end models also have heaters in the leg and upper back areas.

Remote Control

Allows the user to control the massage chair by choosing various auto and manual program types, adjusting speed, heat, pressure level, session time and other features.

They can come in one handed format similar to a TV remote or 2 handed format resembling a tablet. Cheaper massage chair models can be equipped with corded remote controls while mid to high end chairs usually come with wireless controllers.

Bluetooth Speakers

By allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes, Bluetooth speakers can contribute to stress relief while you are enjoying your massage program.

LED Lighting

Usually built into the sides of the massage chair, these soft LED lights are designed to provide an ambient, more relaxing environment during your massage session.

Noise Reduction

Typically found in high-end massage chair models, noise reduction technology is aiming to put the user in a more relaxed mental state by keeping the noise level of the mechanical parts as low as possible. It is often combined with Bluetooth speakers and LED technology.


Massage chair warranties usually come in 2 flavors, parts and labor coverage. It can range from 1 to 5 years but most massage chair models tend to come with 2-3 years coverage. You can also ask about the possibility to extend the warranty for extra peace of mind.

Massage Techniques and Programs

Massage chairs are often chosen depending on the type of massage programs they offer. The best models are getting close to providing professional massage levels closely mimicking human hands. (1) These are usually automatic programs combining air massage and roller massage in optimal gravity positions and intensity levels.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a gentle, relaxing full body procedure aiming to remove tension in the body and dissolving muscle knots. It involves various massage movements including kneading, vibration, long strokes and applying circular pressure.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is probably the single most popular massage type among massage chair users. It is a whole body massage originating from Japan that focuses on relieving stress, anxiety, depression and headaches. It primarily works through improving blood flow and reducing muscle tension via rhythmic and pulsing pressure.

Drag to Reposition
Move Up or Down to Reposition
Move Left or Right to Reposition

Thai Massage

Thai massage aims to reduce pain and stress by combining a number of different techniques such as applying pressure to certain points of the body and stretching and twisting other parts. Apart from the pain relief it is also said to be improving your energy levels, assisting better circulation and greater flexibility.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is aimed at easing chronic pain such as muscle soreness, knots or pain due to injury. Since the aim is to reach the deeper tissue layers this is naturally a more intense massage session and can be a little painful at times. It starts out with slow, long strokes to loosen your muscles followed by stronger pressure applied to problem areas. It takes at least 15 minutes and involves roller massage as well as air massage.

Yoga Stretching

As the name implies, this is a massage technique based on stretching the body parts with the aim of relieving muscle tension throughout the body. It is similar to Thai massage and should result in increased energy levels, improved circulation and improved flexibility.


How Often Should I Use a Massage Chair?

This depends on the condition of your body and overall health. For a healthy person, it is safe to use a massage chair every day. For someone with chronic back or neck pain, probably 3-4 times a week is recommended – although we personally know people who use it every day precisely because it helps them to ease their pain.

Start with shorter massage sessions and lower frequency. You can also choose less intense massage types to begin with. Yes, it is possible to get sore muscles from overusing the chair from day 1! As your body gets used to the sessions you can increase the frequency gradually without overdoing it.

Can I Use a Massage Chair While Pregnant?

According to Tekoa L. King from Babycenter, yes. (1) A relaxing massage can often help ease tensed muscles during pregnancy. There is no current evidence that the electromagnetic fields from the chair harm the baby.

a pregnant woman looking at her baby ultrasound film

Other health professionals recommend it with certain limitations. It is best not to use a massage chair during the first trimester as this is the time when the chance of miscarriage is the highest. It’s also advised not to use the heating function of the massage chair as this can lead to elevated heartrate of the baby.

Some massage chair manufacturers prefer to err on the side of caution and do not recommend the use of the chairs during pregnancy.

You should avoid using a massage chair if you have a high-risk pregnancy or suffer from severe headaches. In any case, it is best to check with your doctor first.

How to Clean a Massage Chair?

Follow the same rules recommended for any upholstered furniture. Frequently wipe down your massage chair with a clean cloth and vacuum the nooks and crevices of the chair. Don’t use any cleaning chemicals before you have found out from the user’s manual of from the manufacturer that it is safe to do so. Limit the exposure of the massage chair to potentially harmful effects such as direct sunlight, smoke or strong odors.

Can I Use a Massage Chair with a Pacemaker?

As many massage chairs contain electromagnets, it is not recommended that you use them with a pacemaker. If you really want to use a massage chair you will need to contact the manufacturer and check with your doctor first.

How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?

This is depending on the quality standards of the brand you buy, how often do you use the chair, as well as on how complicated the tech behind the massage chair is. The more moving parts the more chance for something to break. Most massage chair manufacturers offer a 2-3 year warranty for parts and labor which can be extended up to 5 years in some cases. With that said, under “normal” usage you can expect a quality massage chair to last 8-10 years or longer, although it will probably require some maintenance during that period.

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