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Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs in 2020

If you are on the lookout for the best zero gravity massage chair, chances are you have already decided that this technology is an important feature for you. For those of you who have only heard the “zero-gravity” buzzword but still not sure what it means and how it benefits you, let’s start with a short explanation.

What is a zero gravity massage chair?

Simply put, it’s a massage chair with a reclining feature that raises your feet slightly above or to the same level as your heart. It does this at the beginning of the session in order to provide extra benefits during your massage.

Are zero gravity chairs good for you?

The advantages of this reclined position were first discovered by NASA, while they were looking for the best body position for the astronauts during takeoff. (1) They have found that being in this “weightlessness” position has evened out the pressure the force of gravity exerted on the astronauts allowing them to remain comfortable and relaxed during takeoff.

This technology found its way into massage chair design and remain one of the most sought-after features for good reason. The zero gravity feature especially benefits those with heart conditions, spinal problems, arthritis of the neck or knees or varicose veins. Some chairs even let you remain in this position if you fall asleep during your massage – talk about stress relief and relaxation!

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Reviewed

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Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Zero Gravity Massage Chair 

Medical Breakthrough has provided the best overall model on our main massage chair review list and here they are again among the best zero gravity massage chairs. Taking the industry by storm, this brand has built up a super credible team of over 25 medical doctors, chiropractors and other health professionals who are actively involved with the development and testing of their FDA approved massage chairs.

They have adapted a mindset where they redesign their chairs from scratch, based on decades of real-life chiropractic experience and this seems to work well for the company. Offering high level of customization for their massage chairs not matched by any other competitor which includes removable, extra padding so everyone in the family can enjoy their preferred massage style.

The Medical Breakthrough 4 is their entry level model, but it is equipped with a smart medical body scan, zero gravity function, an L-Track massage system with up to 167 air cells and their True 4D Arm Massage feature.

Heat massage, a chiropractic back stretch, and many massage programs from all around the world ensures that you find the massage experience you are looking for.

Most reviewers are using this chair daily, some even twice a day! It receives high scores for the sturdy, high-quality materials and craftmanship, the many available programs and the quality of the massage it provides for every part of the body.

OOTORI N 900 Zero Gravity Thai Massage Chair 

Ootori is a relatively new manufacturer but has racked up impressive sales already while receiving good feedback. The N 900 is a mid-range massage chair designed with space-saving technology and offering a zero gravity feature with 3 different settings. Just push the button and find the angle most comfortable to you.

Equipped with a full body scan to adjust to your body type and built on an advanced SL-Track massage system, the 3D robot hands of the N 900 massage chair can reach you all the way from your neck to your thighs. There are 3 rows of additional foot rollers allowing deep relaxing massages of your feet.

The chair also features 38 air bags that can work as part of an auto massage program in conjunction with the 3D rollers or can provide an air bag only massage.

The 6 auto programs include popular options like Yoga Stretch, Kneading or Shiatsu. An extendable leg rest, built-in lower back heating and Bluetooth connectivity completes the list of features.

The massage chair comes fully assembled and backed by a solid 3-year warranty.

Users are generally happy with their investment of this massage chair. The heating option, the extra thick cushions and the massage program varieties earned positive mentions.

The slightly bulky size, the quality of the Bluetooth speakers and the massage strength on the neck area were mentioned as cons.

Kahuna LM-6800 with 3 Stage Zero Gravity 

One of the most tried and tested mid-range massage chair model on the market today. The Kahuna LM 6800 features space saving design, an L-Track roller system, zero gravity feature with 3 different settings (even some of the much more expensive models only offer 1 option here) and a smart body scan feature to adjust the chair to your individual needs.

The 6 built-in programs include many popular programs such as Full-Body Shiatsu, Yoga Stretching and one of Kahuna’s signature programs: SH-Chiro designed to unlock your spinal nerve and allowing better energy flow throughout the whole body.

The additional 5 manual programs, Air-Cell massage technology and heat therapy options for your legs and lower back makes the LM 6800 a well-rounded massage chair and one of the top choices in its price range.

This well-reviewed model receives top marks for comfort, ease of assembly and pain relief from buyers. The yoga stretching program and the back massage received several raving mentions. Buyers are generally very happy with the suit of programs the LM 6800 comes with.

Some users had difficulty with the remote, both the runtime and the ease of use was mentioned as a small negative point. A few people had found the foot rollers too strong, although this seems to vary based on personal preference.

One user shared his experience with Kahuna’s customer service where he thought that his chair was broken after just a few days use, but they have walked him through a solution and even followed up later.

RELAXONCHAIR MK Classic 3-Stage Zero Gravity 

The MK Classic from RELAXONCHAIR is an advanced mid-level zero gravity massage chair allowing you to choose between 3 weightlessness reclining positions. The available range includes 3 stages from 115 degrees to 160 degrees so you can experiment and find your preferred angle.

Featuring an improved body scanning technology and one of the longest L-Track systems on the market, this massage chair was designed with families in mind and can accommodate everyone between 5 foot 2 inches and 6 foot 5 inches. 7 auto massage programs and 5 manual programs cover the whole range from whole body Stretching to Kneading, Rolling, Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage.

The capabilities of the massage chair are enhanced with 42 air bags, a built-in lower back heater, calf and foot massager and adjustable shoulder air bags. The back-lit remote control – one of the most common complaint from elderly people is a hard-to-read remote display – allows smooth operation even with the lights off.

There is also a 30 min timer and a sleep option. When activated, this setting lets the massage chair remain in zero-gravity position at the end of the session so that your rest is not disturbed if you have fallen asleep during your relaxing massage session.

While most massage chairs require some assembly, the MK Classic is coming fully assembled. Just plug it in and enjoy your massaging chair right away. The chair is also backed by a 3-year warranty.

Users of the chair praise its level of comfort and value for the money. Many has mentioned how this massage chair helps them with various chronic pain issues including back pain and sciatica.

Some buyers found that the padding on the back of the chair was a little hard, so they advise using a blanket to solve the issue. The fairly unique feature of the chair remaining in zero gravity reclined position is one of the positive differentiating points for some buyers.

OOTORI A-600 3-Level Zero Gravity Chair 

Bringing the 3-level zero gravity function into the affordable category, the OOTORI A-600 is designed to provide excellent value for the money. Many more expensive models only come with a single zero gravity position but not the A-600. Allowing you to choose between 3 different angles – initial, deep and comfort – you can now fine tune your massage chair to start your session in the most comfortable weightlessness position for you.

This is not the only advanced feature included in this massage chair model either, it will auto scan you and adjust itself to your personal body shape and size at the beginning of the session. Built with an S Track system, the 3D robotic hands have access to you from your head to your waist. The heated lower back section boosts blood flow and assists the effectiveness of the massage if you suffer from waist issues.

3 auto programs, built-in foot rollers, adjustable shoulder-width and extendable footrest rounds up the list of features. The A-600 has a slightly bigger frame and higher weight than higher-end models so the delivery can be a little challenging but that only happens once.

Users are generally happy about their purchase, the range of features this massage chair is equipped with usually come with a higher price tag. Several reviewers have purchased this model for their elderly parents and – once they have found their favorite settings - they love using it.

Plus points have been given for helping to ease stress and chronic pain issues while the remote is getting mixed reviews, some find it easy to follow while for others it was less intuitive and took some trial and error to figure out.


Which brand of massage chair is the best?

The short answer is that it depends. There are many factors involved including your budget and the features important to you in a massage chair. There is a wide selection of top massage chairs available today each with strengths and weaknesses.

Are you a very tall person? Take a look at this model. Are you looking to buy a massage chair for your parents who tire easily but would benefit from being more physically active? This model might be perfect for you. Are you an athlete who is looking to stretch after hard work out sessions? How about the xx model?

You can also read our detailed look at the best massage chair brands in our main massage chair review article.

Are massage chairs harmful?

On the contrary, regular use of massage chairs has been proven to be beneficial to your health. Some of the positive effects include improved blood circulation, mental health, flexibility, immune system, sleep and a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. Perhaps the biggest benefits are noticed by those suffering from chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back or legs.

However, like most good things, massage chairs can also be overused so always listen to what your body tells you and take a break if you notice any unusual pain or muscle soreness.

There might be some special circumstances where you don’t wanna use a massage chair such as if you are living with a pacemaker or you are in the first trimester of a pregnancy. If in doubt, always check with your doctor before you use one of these machines.

How long do massage chairs last? 

As expected, this will vary based on the quality of the materials used by the manufacturer, how simple or complicated the technology built into the massage chair is, and the frequency of usage. While your chair will normally be covered by a 2-5 year warranty, a sturdy massage chair with reasonable use should last up to 8-10 years or longer.

How often should you use a massage chair? 

It’s recommended to start out with no more than 3-4 sessions a week for no longer than 15-20 min at a time. As your body gets used to the massage, you can increase the frequency to daily use for no longer than 30 min at a time. Some people – especially those suffering from chronic pain issues – are using their massage chair up to twice a day but usually for shorter sessions.

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