a man is using a massage chair

Modern massage chairs are marvels of technology and can be really useful tools in maintaining your muscles and mobility.

The first time you use a massage chair, it may be hard to turn away from the device. You'll want to keep going back for more! But how often should you use a massage chair? And for how long?

This article will provide some insight and help answer these questions.

Start with short massage sessions 

When you buy a massage chair and start using it the first time, you should start with shorter sessions. We recommend no more than 5-10 minutes in the beginning as your new massage chair may be stiff and uncomfortable when you first start using it.

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After a few times, your body will adjust to the feel of the chair’s kneading actions and movements and you can set the timer for a slightly longer session.

Most massage chairs come with a built-in timer but if yours doesn't have this function, a kitchen timer or even your phone will do. Don't just rely on your feelings as receiving a massage can feel good but still cause muscle pain after the session if you are not used to it.

How often should you use a massage chair? 

The recommended frequency for a full body massage in a chair is every few days. Regardless of how often you use your chair, try to leave at least a day between sessions in the beginning, so that the muscles have time to relax and rebuild themselves from the massage before being kneaded again.

a woman is using massage chair

Think of massage as a workout. If you haven't been training for a while it might cause your muscles to tighten up and feel sore if you work them too hard too fast. The same goes for a massage chair. If your muscles are kneaded every day, they will quickly become tight again.

For older and fragile people, start with just one session a week and 2-3 sessions weekly might be the recommended maximum.

If you are an athlete, you should use the chair as part of an active recovery routine in order to keep your body strong and mobile - not just when it's feeling tired or tense. This means you can go up to 4-5 times a week if it feels comfortable.

A person’s injury history will also come into play when determining how frequently they can safely receive massage from a chair; for example, people with chronic back pain may have a different recovery routine than someone with occasional back pain. Start out slow and listen to your body for feedback.

What is the ideal length for using a massage chair? 

As we recommended earlier, start with 5-10 minutes and slowly build up to 15 minutes. You can sense the benefits, be more comfortable, and enjoy improved mental clarity after just fifteen minutes or so.

Many modern massage chairs come with special programs such as a "cooling" program to help reduce inflammation or an "acupressure" mode for targeted points on the body.

man resting on massage chair

There might also be other programs available such as shiatsu, deep tissue, and sports massage. Some of these might have a set duration but if the program is longer than 10 minutes, it would be a good idea to get used to the device in shorter sessions first before you use these.

You might want to be even more careful with program types that use more force such as deep tissue massage. Spending too much time getting a deep tissue massage might result in sore or even bruised muscles the following day. To avoid this, give extra time for your body to get used to these programs before increasing the duration.

If you are trying out a new massage program you are not yet familiar with, start with a short session to get a feel for how your body reacts to it before cranking up the timer - even if you are already used to other types of programs.


Is it bad to use a massage chair every day? 

There are no strict limits on this but using a massage chair every day can be bad for you if it is not used as part of an active recovery routine. This is especially true for elderly people or for a person with a chronic pain condition or injury.

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Can you overuse a massage chair?

You certainly can. Your injury history is going to come into play here. If you are in pain, it may be a good idea to take some time off of your chair and then try again later.

The bottom line is that you should be careful how often and for how long you use a massage chair to ensure that it's safe as well as effective.

Is using a massage chair good for health?

Using a massage chair has many benefits such as reduced muscle tension, improved flexibility, and reduced pain levels. Other benefits include reduced stress, increased blood circulation, and an improved mood.

Are massage chairs bad for your back?

Using in moderation, chair massages can help you alleviate pain, stress and even provide comfort and relaxation. However, if you overuse your chair, it can be detrimental and result in even more pain than before. It is super important to take the time for getting used to chair massage if you have any chronic pain condition.

Can you sit in a massage chair too long?

This depends on how you use it. As we have discussed above, you can sit in a chair too long if you use it with normal or strong massage programs. However, there are massage chairs with relaxing programs as well. Some are even coming with programs designed to make you fall asleep.

In this case, it is naturally safe to use them longer than usual and it can even be an awesome place to sleep in.

Grant Moore