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Massage Chair Benefits - Are They Good For Your Health?

Widely seen as premium luxury items, massage chairs come with a host of health benefits that most of us are unaware of. Unfortunately, most people believe that temporary comfort is the only benefit associated with massage chairs; an assertion which is far from the truth.

As you will notice in this read, the massage chair has multiple benefits and can play a vital role in improving your overall health. (1)(2) Not only does massage assist in soothing muscles and relaxing the body, it also helps boost the immune system.

Before purchasing or using a massage chair, it is important to understand some of the benefits of both short and long term use. Below are twelve proven ways a massage chair is beneficial to your overall health.

Proven Remedy To For Body Pain And Headaches

Is a massage chair good for your health? This question is without doubt among the most frequently asked when it comes to massage chairs. You will be shocked to know that massage chairs are designed to alleviate different kinds of body pains.

an illustration of the neck bones pain

Whether you suffer from chronic shoulder, back, neck, or even leg pains, you can trust a massage chair to alleviate your pain. Massage chairs come equipped with state of the art body heating technologies that take your massage session to the next level. If you happen to suffer from regular back and body pains (as I was for a long time), then the regular use of a massage chair is recommended.

Soothes Trigger Points To Enhance Your Flexibility

Among the most important massage chair benefits is the ability to enhance the user's flexibility. In case you lift weights or participate in demanding physical activities regularly, chances are you overwork your muscles every once in a while. Overstretched muscles can lead to pain and gradual inflexibility over time.

Due to relaxing the trigger points in your body, a massage chair gives you uncompromised flexibility which is required to prevent injuries from creeping up. As your physician might have informed you, regular massage is the ideal therapy for relieving pain in spasm areas and trigger points.

Thus, if you suffer from reduced flexibility due to overstretching motor muscles or injuries, it is advisable to use a massage chair regularly as an ideal flexibility enhancing therapy.

Massage Chairs Improve Blood Circulation

As therapeutic devices, full body massage chairs have lasting effects on your body's circulation system. Through mechanic massage and zero gravity features, a massage chair provides your body with the required boost when it comes to blood circulation. Through different techniques such as tapping, gripping, kneading and even shiatsu, the rollers of your massage chair vibrate and move the key points of your body increasing blood flow.

On top of improving blood circulation, a massage chair helps speed up recovery from ailments and injury. Due to zero gravity, a massage chair ensures your blood is transported to all body parts regardless of sitting position.

A Massage Chair Improves Your Mental Health

The stress relieving function of a zero gravity massage chair is among the vital massage chair benefits that you need to be aware of. Put simply, the use of a massage chair should not be limited to soothing body pains only; as such, you can use the chair as a stress reliever whenever you feel overwhelmed by anxiety or stress.

The relaxing aspect of massage chairs make them suitable for use when looking to release or reduce stress. The vibrations, heat and compactness of the chair ensure that you are well soothed during a massage session. Managing stress levels and reducing anxiety go a long way in improving your mental health.

Boosts The Immune System

Although it may be hard to believe, daily massage therapy increases your body's resistance to diseases. To put it in perspective, any massage session lasting over half an hour increases the concentration of lymphocytes in your body. An increase in white blood cells helps your body to develop resistance to sickness.

a man lying on massage chair

If you create a habit of regular massage sessions, your body's resistance to infections will increase significantly. However, the ability of a massage chair to boost your immunity does not mean you stop consuming a balanced diet.

Reduces Your Chances Of Disability

As indicated in a research conducted by the American Pain Society, lower back pain is the leading cause of non-accidental disabilities. Demanding work and school schedules force us to remain seated in one position for long hours. While seating in the same position for long durations might not be harmful at first, maintaining the wrong seating or standing positions can lead to chronic back pain over time.

the red spot of back pain

Luckily, if used correctly, a massage seat can address your lower back pain concerns with ease. Due to its unique design and modern features, a premium massage chair can soothe all your stressed muscles with a particular focus on your lower back. The regular use of a massage seat ensures that you avoid sustaining serious back injuries.

Improves Posture By Aligning Your Spine

Due to horizontal back support features, a massage chair is capable of improving your posture by realigning your spine. Our day to day activities play a huge role in changing our posture for the worse. It is important to note that your body will adjust to how you position your spine throughout the course of the day and during the night.

As such, if you have bad sitting habits, your spine will align itself to support your body weight wrongfully. However, the use of a massage seat will realign your spine to its initial position while also improving your overall posture.

Enhanced Feel Good Factor Due To Endorphin Secretion

Endorphins are important neurotransmitters which not only reduce the effect of stress but also reduce your body's pain perception.

Massage chairs enhance comfort and the overall feel good factor since they create a suitable environment for your body to secrete endorphins. The presence of endorphins elevates your moods and reduces anxiety.

By using the massage chair frequently, you increase your body's feel good factor and resistance to stress as well as anxiety. As such, you will be well positioned to make sober decisions and be more creative in your daily activities.

Improved Sleep

Regardless of your preference, any massage therapy should relax your nerves and reduce overall muscle stress. If you are keen enough, you will notice that you tend to fall asleep in the middle of a thorough massage session. In similar fashion, a massage chair will relax your muscles and enhance your comfort which, in most cases, leads to sleep.

Sleeping difficulties are more often than not caused by anxiety or high stress levels. Therefore, by frequently using a massage chair, you increase your overall comfort levels which in turn lead to improved sleep.

Supports Muscle Recovery

No matter how light your daily routine might be, the repetitive use of muscles is inevitable. However, just because your muscles or joints are not painful does not mean that they aren't overworked. In fact, as revealed in a study by the American College of Physicians, children, too, overstretch their muscles when playing. Therefore, if children can overstretch their muscles during play, we should ask ourselves how much we exhaust our vital muscles while working.

illustration the effects of massage chair on muscles

Due to its several therapeutic features, a massage chair enhances the recovery of all muscles used during day or night activities. Once you sit on your massage chair, the state of the art features ensure your joints and muscles recover in style. Remember, the faster your muscles recover, the lower your chances of sustaining injury or joint related pains.

Reduced Risk Of Cardiovascular Disorders

In medicine, increased blood pressure is often attributed to anxiety, stress, or even the lack of enough time to relaxation. Similar to when using other stress relieving and body calming therapies, your blood pressure reduces significantly when you engage in regular massage sessions.

Since a massage chair relaxes multiple muscles, your overall blood flow improves over time; consequently, this allows your body to avert the risk of cardiovascular complications. (1)

Improved Decision Making

As obvious as it may sound, a massage chair helps to improve your overall decision making ability. During the massage, the chair works on your body allowing you time to focus on your thoughts through meditation.

a lady sleeping on the chair

Although the seat offers physical therapy to your muscles and joints, it goes without saying that a massage chair gives you enough time to think during your alone time.

Regular use of massage chairs improves decision making and creativity as users get to meditate while relaxing the body.

Final Verdict About The Benefits Of Using A Massage Chair

Contrary to popular belief, a massage chair is not entirely meant for luxurious purposes. In fact, as revealed in the above discussion, massage chairs expose you to numerous health benefits. For instance, the regular use of massage chairs improves your blood flow and muscle recovery, and, as indicated earlier, improved blood flow is vital in preventing cardiovascular diseases.

a woman enjoying a massage chair

Is a massage chair good for your health? Well, based on the benefits discussed above, it is obvious that there is more to massage chairs than just luxury and pleasure. If you want to minimize or control the damage inflicted to your body by your hectic routines, then it is advisable to consider using a massage chair regularly.

Grant Moore