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When people find out what I do, there is one question I will almost certainly get.

How much is a massage chair? There are popular, good quality massage chairs are in the $1500 - $2500 price range. If you are looking for more features, the price range of $2500 - $5000 is where you find truly great chairs, whereas the most expensive range of $5000 - $10000+ is the luxury category. The cost of budget full body massage chairs starts from around $600. The $200 - $600 price range usually means recliners with massage function.

Let’s look at each category in a bit more detail.

Please note that the price ranges below are for manufacturer’s recommended prices only. The cost of specific models mentioned were within the indicated range at the time of writing, but sellers can change their retail prices any time.

Massage Chairs below $600

In this category you mainly find recliners with massage function included. These are not full body massage chairs but if you are looking for a budget-friendly option for an elderly parent, these models can still be a nice upgrade to a regular comfy chair.

Some will also have heat option and a power lift function as well, which can be a great aid for someone who has difficulty standing up.

many types of common massage chairs

The massage function will usually have limited options, often targeting specific body areas only such as the lower back or thighs. There are also models with multiple vibration points spread from the shoulder area to the legs.

Convenient extras like cup holders, remote control and side pockets can be expected.

This price category also has models with multiple color and upholstery options, giving you a lot more choice when it comes to finding a style that matches your living room furniture.

Some models include:

  • Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair with Massage
  • Esright Electric Power Recliner with Vibration Massage
  • Esright Massage Recliner Chair
  • MAGIC UNION Power Lift Massage Recliner
  • Flamaker Power Lift Recliner Chair with Heat and Massage
  • Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Massage Chairs From $600 to $1500

This where you can find full body massage chairs with built-in rollers, airbags, multiple massage modes and programs which can be controlled via remote. Some models also feature heating pads (usually limited to the lower back area) and zero-gravity function.

These entry-level chairs can offer good bang for your buck since this is the category where competition is the highest.

full body massage chairs

You can expect models to be a bit bigger, clunkier that higher priced chairs, usually offering less adjustability and not that easy to move around once assembled.

Expect to see a lower number of massage programs and types but some of these chairs have accumulated hundreds of positive reviews from happy buyers and can be a great gift to yourself or for your parents.

Some popular models from this affordable price range:

  • Real Relax Favor 03 Plus
  • Best Massage Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • SMAGREHO New Massage Chair Recliner
  • SMAGHERO Electric Zero Gravity Chair
  • UGears Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • OOTORI Zero Gravity & Shiatsu Chair
  • Infinity Riage CS Compact
  • FAVOLCANO Full Body Massage Chair

Massage Chairs From $1500 to $2500

This is the price range where some of the big brands enter the market. Here features such as zero gravity, Bluetooth speakers and foot rollers are becoming standard.

The growing number of rollers usually come with S-Track or L-Track systems, covering the whole body from neck to tailbone.

Mid range massage Chairs

You can find speciality massage programs such as yoga, deep tissue and Swedish Massage, as well as multiple options for the zero-gravity function.

Some models offer smart body scans, making the whole experience much more tailored to the individual using the chair. Space saving technology is also entering the market, massage chairs with this design need less distance from the wall for the reclining function and take up less space in the room overall.

Apart from the main massage performed by the rollers, airbag-only pressure massage options can also be available.

Let’s look at some great options in this range:

  • Kahuna LM-6800
  • Titan Pro-Alpha Full Body Massage Chair
  • OWAYS Zero Gravity SL Track
  • Human Touch WholeBody 7.1
  • Real Relax PS5000 SL-Track Shiatsu Massage Chair
  • Real Relax MM650 Zero Gravity
  • iRest SL Track Full Body With Voice Control
  • Osaki OS4000 TA

Massage Chairs From $2500 to $5000

Expect a fully tailored massage experience from chairs in this price category. Automatic body scan and sizing at the beginning of the massage is a common function. Some models also feature a personalized memory, so it remembers your favorite settings when you come back for the next session.

Fullbody types Massage Chairs

Multiple unique and advanced massage types and programs offered, such as Yoga, Golf, Dynamic Sport and multiple stretch programs.

SL-Track roller systems combine the elements of S-Track and L-Track models.

More complicated and capable mechanic parts give you a massage experience close to what you could expect from a human therapist.

There are models with longer and more extensive warranties as well.

Here are some examples:

  • Medical Breakthrough 4 v2
  • Kahuna LM 6800S
  • Kahuna SM 7300
  • Kahuna SM 7300S
  • Infinity Riage X3
  • Infinity Altera
  • Human Touch Sana
  • Cozzia CZ-629

Massage Chairs From $5000 to $10000+

This is the luxury category, where all the stops come out. Expect expensive materials and craftmanship on top of every function you can find in the previous category.

You will find the highest level of complication in the mechanical parts of these chairs, and with it, a wide selection of programs with multiple intensity levels.

top of luxury massage chairs

Full control with smart phone apps and/or voice assistants.

Noise reduction technology, premium sound systems and light therapy functions appear.

You can often find warranties of 5-year plus covering these expensive machines.

Here are some massage chairs from the top category:

  • Medical Breakthrough 6 v4
  • Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot
  • Kahuna SM-9000 with Infrared Roller Mechanism
  • Infinity IT-8500 X3
  • Luraco iRobotics 7 PLUS Medical Massage Chair
  • JP 1100 Japanese Massage Chair
  • Human Touch Novo XT
  • Human Touch Super Novo

Massage Chair Cost – What Makes Up the Difference Between Budget and Expensive Models?

Just as with any products, you can find a great variety in the prices of massage chairs. We have already looked at the functions and features you can expect to find in the breakdown above, let’s recap this information in a shorter format (for those of you, skimmers 😉)

Budget Massage Chairs

a massage chair placed in room

The most affordable massage chairs are usually more of a recliner chair with massage function. It usually is limited to the lower back area or comes in the form of multiple vibrating heads built into the chair. Some models also come with heat, and a power lift function is also common, helping seniors stand up easier.

Entry Level Full Massage Chairs

The entry level full body massage chairs already offer a much different experience from recliners. These come equipped with rollers, airbags, heat and zero gravity functions.

The massage options are not limited to just a few body parts, these chairs will work your muscles from neck to feet.

You should expect somewhat limited adjustment options, fewer massage programs and bigger space requirements compared to higher priced models.

Mid-Range Massage Chairs

Expect to find more advanced features such as multiple zero gravity positions, space saving technology, L-Track or S-Track roller systems in these models.

Airbag-only massage, a wider range of special preset programs such as shiatsu, Swedish, deep tissue, sports, golf, senior and office programs are offered.

Some models already come with body scanners, automatically adjusting to the person using the chair.

Top of the Range, Luxury Massage Chairs

These sophisticated machines can provide something close to the human massage. SL-Track rollers combine forces with dozens of airbags, heat and a wide range of adjustability for a refreshing or relaxing experience.

App or voice control, noise reduction, luxury materials and longer, more comprehensive warranties are the norm.

Related Questions

Is it worth getting a massage chair?

This depends on how much are you spending on a massage chair, how many persons are using it and how often would you go to a massage therapy session without it. Buying a massage chair is a good investment if you, or multiple members of the family enjoy massages on a regular basis.

Owning a massage chair also tends to lead to more regular sessions, maximizing the health benefits of massage therapy.

What is the best massage chair for the money?

In our detailed review of the best massage chairs on the market we break down the functions of multiple models. If you want a short answer, we think that for most people the RelaxOnChair MK II Plus will be the best massage chair for the money.

Can you sleep in a massage chair?

a man is sleeing on massage chair

Yes, you can sleep in a massage chair. There are even some models specifically designed for this purpose, offering zero-gravity positions, built-in sound systems for a relaxing music and therapy lights so you can enjoy relaxing with the lights off in the room.

Do massage chairs use a lot of electricity?

The electricity use of a massage chair depends on the brand, the model, and the programs it’s running but it’s usually between 140 and 320 watts.

How often should you get a chair massage?

How often can you use a massage chair depends on your condition and the type of massage chair you own. If it’s a recliner with massage function, 15-20 sessions as often as twice a day should be fine. For a full body massage, a gentle, relaxing program can be enjoyed daily. A more robust sports or deep tissue massage program is fine for several times a week for athletes but should be limited to fewer sessions for seniors.

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